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Ah yes, the classic “ugly Christmas Sweater.” A dreaded tradition for many years is now an accepted seasonal fashion thanks to the inclusion of pop culture icons and other eye-catching designs.

Baby Groot (from Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2) has taken the internet by storm since the trailer dropped last week, and now he is sporting his Holiday cheer on a sweater available in a variety of colors from Threadnog!

Order today, the shirts ship within 48-72 hours, and you have it well in time for all of the Holiday parties sure to come. Baby Groot and Jack are Dubz picks, but if those are not your favorites be sure to browse the site as I am sure you will find the perfect ugly sweater for you at Threadnog!

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Custom Tees & More! #GiftGuide #Christmas

Use Coupon Code HAPPYCUSTOMER for $10 Off!
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Here is a sure-fire gift idea that will please just about anyone! From 5amily, ‘Your Name Here’ tees, hoodies, mugs, phone cases, tote bags…you get the picture?

They also offer the same products featuring various professions, so instead of a person’s name maybe you get them a shirt that says “It’s a Firefighter Thing!” That is assuming they are a firefighter…or just a fan of randomness. Not to worry, they have dozens of professions to choose from if you don’t know any firefighters.

Check out 5amily today, see all of the custom products and options they offer. As an added incentive, Dubzlist friends get $10 off any order with the coupon codeHAPPYCUSTOMER!”

Don’t forget use the coupon code HAPPYCUSTOMER to get $10 off at check-out!
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University of Kentucky Hoodies & More! #Wildcats #BBN #GOBIGBLUE #GiftGuide

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If you’re shopping for a sports fan this season, look no further than They don’t want some cheap Wal-Mart brand hoodie that is only soft until the 1st washing. Do you really want that special sports fan in your life to think you don’t love them? hmm?
We highlight the University of Kentucky here because that’s the dubCast home team, but you can use this link to shop for a whole warehouse full of team apparel and memorabilia for pro & college sports.
Trust me, the Big Blue Nation fan loves nothing more than some new “Cats” gear, and the same can be said for any passionate fan of any team. So stop stressing over what to buy for them and just click the image!
FansEdge has the best sales I have seen this season on team gear, so far.
Right now you can get 30% off using the code “FROSTY” at checkout! *Be sure to check at the top of their page to make sure the code hasn’t changed.*

Click Here To Get It!

Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions

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Bonus! #Ghostbusters #Monopoly #GiftGuide

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Here’s another one for my fellow “Ghost Heads!”
The specialty Monopoly board games are the perfect gift for any fan of a franchise. It seems they have a Monopoly game for just about everything these days. Even if you, or whoever you gift this to, never plays the game it still makes an excellent display piece – or just something awesome to have in the collection.

The original Monopoly player pieces are naturally replaced with classic icons we know and love from the Ghostbusters franchise, such as: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the Ecto-1, Slimer, Demon Dog (Zuul/Vinz), Proton Pack, and the PKE Meter. Real estate is replaced by haunted New York city landmarks, claimed by ghost traps and containment units.

Above all else this is one of the better themed Monopoly games I have seen. From the board design, to the tokens, to even the box art, it’s a beautiful package and a must-have for Ghostbusters fans.

Click Here To Get It!

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Keyboard Waffle Iron #GiftGuide #Yum #Holiday #Christmas #Shopping

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For the tech savvy waffle gobbler in your life, the most deliciously perfect gift!
When you consider the design of the keyboard and the classic round waffle it is mind boggling that nobody has thought of this until now. Every household needs a waffle iron, so why not make it one as unique as this? You can’t get a big keyboard shaped waffle out of some normal, round or square device. It’s not like you can just pour waffle mix in your logitech keyboard and throw it in the oven or some sh*t. So, no-brainer, right? Go get/gift it today!

About the Product

Ctrl + alt + delicious

  • Features a die-cast, non-stick, easy to clean aluminum design, making this product durable and strong
  • Comfortable curved handles are bake lite & heat-resistant for easy flipping and cooking
  • The KWI makes for one-of-a-kind waffle making experience and the ultimate gift item
  • Slim and “wireless” design makes for easy toting to your next brunch, tailgate or camping trip

  • Click Here to Get It!

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    Gravity Defying Hover Helmets! #NCAA #Football #GiftGuide #WOW #Mindblown

    Click here to pick your conference & team, or click the image to go straight to the SEC order page!

    NOTE: Choose your team via the drop down menu labeled ‘color.’

    It is time to take your fandom to the next level, and into the future! Imagine the envy of anyone who spots this modern marvel on your shelf. Sitting there, a replica helmet of your favorite collegiate football team, spinning in mid air. No strings attached. Literally.
    I’ll bet that friend of yours who likes that other team won’t have one of these, which means your team is automatically better than his. It’s just a fact.
    Maybe you can be a good friend and gift your friends favorite team to him/her while you’re getting one of these for yourself, or your sports fan?

    You can choose from every NCAA team, from every conference in the USA by clicking here, or go straight for the SEC (since thats where Dubzlist is based) by clicking the UK Wildcats Hover Helmet above or below.

  • Newest, most unique way to show your team pride
  • Levitates and spins in mid-air continually
  • LED lighting located in the base of the stand illuminates the helmet
  • High quality 1/2 scale replica football helmet
  • Perfect for your desk, in a man cave, or as a night light
  • Seriously, these things FLOAT!!! WTF!?

    Click here to pick your conference & team, or click the image to go straight to the SEC order page!

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