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Do you have an electronic device that you’re no longer using? Maybe you either just bought a new Smartphone, or you need to sell your old one to take some of the sting off the purchase of a new one? What if you could do all of that through one site and get top dollar for your trade-in? What if that same site would just give you real cash for your gadgets whether you buy from them or not?

OK, so that was more questioning than I had intended, but my point is this: There is a site that will probably pay you more for that Smartphone than your service provider would. That website is called “Gazelle.” You can sell them your used gadgets for real cash, or you can use your device as a trade-in toward the purchase of a new or used device. They have smartphones for every major service provider, as well as tablets, computers and various other electronics to buy at amazing prices!

As an example, my old Samsung Galaxy s5 got me an offer of $60 CASH from Gazelle, while Verizon was only willing to give me a trade-in credit of $51. That extra nine bucks could come in handy, so I’m glad I didn’t accept Verizon’s offer.

So if you have some old phone or other device taking up space, turn it into cash by visiting Gazelle today! And remember that simply doing so will not only help you out, but it also helps to support the growth of dubCast/Dubzlist!

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