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Click Here To Adopt a Feisty Pet Today!

Feisty Pets put a new spin on the classic, boring stuffed animal by injecting some fierce attitude. At a glance the Teddy Bear looks like any other Teddy, but with a squeeze he goes from cuddly to killer! Feisty Pets come in a variety of species to suit every personality. From cat to bear, from dog to unicorn; there’s a whole evil animal kingdom to explore!

This is the great, unique gift of 2016 as far as I’m concerned. Perfect for kids and adult kids alike, everyone will appreciate the surprise contained within these plush animals. Little Billy will love to use the panda bear to give grandma a good jump scare to keep that ticker on its toes. Put a feisty bunny in an Easter Basket as an extra surprise for little Jenny, just have a change of underwear on hand for the poor kid. Get your special lady the cuddly kitten she always wanted, then laugh as it eats her very soul!

Read on below for a bonus Feisty Pet and a video showing these creepy critters in action.

Click Here To Adopt A Feisty Pet!

Click Here To Adopt A Feisty Pet!

My personal favorite “Feisty Pet” happens to be Glenda Glitterpoop,” which so far I can only find available via Amazon. She is a bit more expensive than the others in this list, but can you really put a price on the perfect unique gift for your loved ones?

Go Get It!

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