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More Funny Anatomy figures can be found at the end of this article.

Ever find yourself in a nice warm bubble bath, laid back, eyes focused on that proud, little, yellow rubber ducky? So simple in it’s way bobbing on the water, maneuvering around the bubbles, just rubber and paint. Lead free paint, hopefully, but if it’s made in China…um…nah, I’m sure it’s fine. What if it’s not so simple, though?

Thanks to American artist, Jason Freeny, we finally get a look at what may lie beneath that squishy rubber exterior. Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce to you: The “Bathing Ducky” Funny Anatomy figure. These cool contraptions aren’t just for looks, oh no, they are fully interactive. Four separate parts make up the bathing ducky. From the traditional yellow outer layer, to the skeleton and the guts, it’s not only an eye-catching conversation starter – it’s educational too!

As a bonus for this entry in the 2016 Gift Guide I have pulled together some other Funny Anatomy creations by Jason Freeny. These things have totally captured my imagination, and I fear I may have discovered a new obsession that will require me to invest in more shelf space.

Read on below to see the other cool Funny Anatomy figures we’ve found.

There’s my personal fave, the XXRay Batman by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx. I mean, a dissectable Batman? It’s so neat looking and so unique, you can’t help but want one.

Here is a Gummy Bear that will make you question your snacking practices.

Balloon Dog reveals what lies beneath the hot air and stretched latex of those assembled-by-clown, birthday party wonders.

Completing my exploration into the world of Jason Freeny is the , “Brick Boy Funny Anatomy figure.” Finally we can dissect a Lego man and see what really makes them stick, er, tick. In the name of Science, of course. It’s all for educational purposes.

Any one of these Funny Anatomy figures would be the perfect gift for just about anyone. Especially if you have a med student in your life, give them the gift of a silly anatomy lesson! Maybe think about gifting one of these to someone who works in a cubicle needing decorations. It says “I’m a cool person who likes cool things, but I’m also a bit silly, and a bit…um,’smarty’ all at the same time.” Really, though, these figures will display quite well on any shelf, in an setting. They’re just plain neat, and you can never go wrong with ‘neat!’

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