For My Club Fam: Come n Get Your Lighting! #ClubLife #GiftGuide

The newest affiliate for Dubzlist is the Stage Lighting Store! I have been a DJ in nightclubs and strip clubs for the past 17 years. Many people don’t even think about it, but lighting is almost as important as the sound system…almost. It’s important enough that good lighting, or too much/too little can make or ruin a club. Stage Lighting Store has great deals on all the best lighting equipment, they even have plenty of resources on the site to educate beginners.

It’s not just about clubs either. Whether you need something for small private backyard/basement parties, or you’re rigging a huge concert, give em a try!

Stage Lighting Store is a great resource for mobile DJ’s looking to expand their set up as well.

Go ahead and give em a click, tell em Dubz sent ya!

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