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Remember every cartoon show and most sitcoms in the 90’s when someone would have a “Smart Home of the Future!?” Well, folks, the future is here. With Echo Dot/Alexa from Amazon you can bring your home and lifestyle into the 21st (and maybe even 22nd) century!

Need to order a pizza? Who has time to pick up the phone, or bring up the website on a browser? Not me. Certainly not YOU. Alexa has got ya covered.
Need to keep track of an important appointment? My lazy ass does not, but your active ass probably does! Alexa can do that too.

Trying to get some chores done in the house and need some music to keep you motivated? Simply holla at that chick, Alexa, and she’s there with Pandora or Spotify and all of your favorite tunes.
“Yo, Alexa! Hit me with that Michael Jackson so I can finish these dishes.” It’s as simple as that.

Echo dot can also order Uber, read the news to you, assist in the kitchen, control lights, fans, switches, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, and more with compatible connected devices.

Check out the website by clicking the image for all the details.

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