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Nintendo New 3DS XL Special Edition: Lime Green (Amazon Exclusive) – Click to Buy

There are great video games, then there are classic video games – some are both. This sleek Nintendo NEW 3DS is finished in eye-catching booger green and comes pre-loaded with one of the greatest video games of all time, the SNES classic, “Super Mario World.”

I had to sell my 3DS recently and it broke my heart, so I am pretty sure this is the very one I am going to buy as a replacement. It’s a great price for a limited edition, and it comes with one of my favorite SNES games. I am quite the fan of the Virtual Console games, which is why I was stoked for the NES mini, but once again looks like Nintendo dropped the manufacturing ball.

Let’s face it, those NES Classic minis are probably going to be sold out for a while so why not gift this sweet handheld, which can play all of those games plus a lot more?

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